Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Travel to Emeishan

These are few of my pictures that I have taken when I was in Emeishan this August 2006, feel free to browse through and constructive and critical comments are welcome:-

A short history of Emeishan:

Emeishan (Emei Mountain) lies 7 km to the southwest of Emei county, Sichuan Province, and is one of the four famous Buddhist Mountains in China. 

Situated in the southwest of the Sichuan Basin, and with a temperate climate, Emeishan is luxuriantly green all the year round, and abounds in rainfalls, and rare and precious animals and plants. From the foot of the mountain to its summit, the Peak of Ten Thousand Buddhas, 3133 metres above sea level, the trail totals some 60 kilometres in length. It is endowed with unique changeable weather and marvelous natural beauty. Scenic spots and historic sites are found all over the places.


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