Monday, December 18, 2006

Who are you...

An article written by Raja Petra Kamarudin titled as "I am a Malaysian" and posted under No Holds Barred in MT on December 12, 2006 generates so far 372 comments and the original articles can be read here.

 I am particularly interested in the last two paragraphs of this articles and I quote as follows:-

"Okay, I have digressed quite far already. Let’s get back to the topic of the day. I started off by saying that I would like to make my New Year’s Resolution. I also added that I can never keep my Resolutions and break them even before the emergence of 2 January. Well, this year I am going to keep my Resolution. I am not going to break it right through to 31 December and beyond. I will carry it through to 2008 as my Resolution for that year as well. And the Resolution for 2007 is going to be: I will keep saying “I am a Malaysian”.

Yes, that is what I am. I am a Malaysian. And that is my 2007 New Year’s Resolution. I will constantly remind myself that I am a Malaysian and tell all and sundry that I am not Malay, I am not Bugis, I am Malaysian. Hmm…will this make me a traitor to my race? Maybe, but if enough people join me and proclaim that they too are Malaysians, then we will win in the end, because in a democracy majority rules. Well, let’s see if the Chinese too want to transform into Malaysians or whether they would like to continue with their Malay-bashing; which means then they regard themselves as Chinese. Then, in that case, I will form the Parti Anak Bugis and go contest in a Bugis majority seat somewhere in Sabah. Do you think they will admit my new party into Barisan Nasional? "

Now, see what I mean? This articles is very informative and provocative, humorous and witty too.  It generates 372 comments so far, mostly positive comments; of course, there are negative comments too.  Some are very extreme, like this one replied "I am a Malaysian. But Ketuanan Melayu still stays.  So, as a Malaysian, we have to live with 2 set of rules. One for the Malays, and another one for the non-malays. This is call Malaysia. Otherwise, it is not call Malaysia. It would have been called MalayChineseIndiasia.  So what the fuck? "

As I See It:- What and who am I then? Oh yes, my answer would be deep down inside me, I must confess that I AM A MALAYSIAN as I was born, raised, and school in Malaysia and that I am a MALAYSIAN when outside the country. But, I am a Chinese Malaysian when inside the country. Do I have any choice? My dream is to be MALAYSIAN whenever and wherever I am.

So, who are you then? Read the articles and form your own opinions as this articles is very informative and makes you think...

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