Thursday, November 27, 2008

floating mosque

Have pass-by this eye-catching  landmark very often but never made an effort to stop over to take a good shot at it. Very often then i said to myself that one of these day i must come here  to have a close up shoot of this beautiful  floating mosque in Tanjung Bunga.  Last sunday  i have the opportunity to do so.  A few of my friends suggested that we go shoot the floating mosque and i immediately said why not...and here we go and we spend a good couple of hours there shooting and really enjoying ourself  there...Camera specs: Nikon D300 with nikkor 12-24mmf4g lens, aperture f5.6 @ focal length of 24mm for pic 1, aperture of f8 @ focal length of 15mm and 20mm for pics 2 and 3 respectively, all iso @ 200...enjoy !!!


Obama Joe - KLBE Studio said...

Very sharp images my friend. Reflection is the thing makes this masterpiece alive.

bho said...

haha, thank you's the first lady??